Salesforce Tip: Mass Email Target Users Upon Event Meeting Completion

In Salesforce Event calendar, the organiser is allowed to extend the event invitations to other user contacts and leads. Once the event is created, the recipients will receive email related to the event details. The recipients will eventually respond to the event indicating if they will accept/decline the invitation.


Many users find this event notification useful as they can keep the related contacts in the loop on the event details. However, there are scenarios where the contacts involved do not necessarily need to attend the event. They only want to be informed of the event final details upon completion. Using the existing feature will result in:

  • the related contacts having unresponded meeting invitations
  • receiving other unrelated event notifications


In this case, we have created Apex code to allow mass email event to target users with customised email body upon event completion. The customised email body will contain informative details enlisting the event invitees who are the real event audience as well as the event notes. Ultimately, the contacts will:

  • only receive emails that is of relevance
  • informed of event notes upon completion


The following is a snippet on how the requirement is achievable:



Check out our page here for details about the technical specs.