Salesforce: Migrating Existing Salesforce Users to Community Users

Are you in a sticky situation where you have your partners as standard users and now would like to migrate them to partner community users? This migration cannot be done in a single step due to the following reasons:

1. you can’t change the Salesforce standard license to Partner/Customer license
2. the record ownership is tied to the SF user


We have looked into a few options and would like to share one of the paths we have used for the migration. In this guideline we will not go into the details of setting up partner community but will mainly focus on the transfer of record ownership during migration. Check out the steps which also cover a pre and post transfer.


Current Scenario:

Andy the ‘partner’ standard SF user (APS) has ownership to a range of records



  • do not deactivate the existing APS until the following steps are complete
  • create new contact profile for Andy as SF partner community user (APC)
  • transfer all existing records from APS to APC (refer to the pre/post transfer for this step)
  • tools; standard mass transfer tool and mass edit + mass update + mass delete app (free)



  • identify the object records that need to be transferred
  • create reports that list records owned by APS



  • create reports that list records owned by APC
  • match the # of records for both APS/APC