Salesforce Tips: Migrating Leads from Salesforce to Salesforce

If you would like to migrate All Leads from one Salesforce org to another Salesforce org, you may find the following notes useful.


For Unconverted Leads:

  • If you would like to update the CreatedDate, CreatedBy, LastModifiedDate and LastModifiedBy field, you will need to request Salesforce support to enable this feature for you.
  • Make sure that custom field type matches.
  • CreatedBy, LastModifiedBy and OwnerId is referring to the User object. Each Salesforce instance will have a different set of User ID. You need to match them manually before running the data load.


For Converted Leads:

  • Make sure the ConvertedDate > CreatedDate. Technically you can’t convert a date before you create them.
  • ConvertedAccountId and ConvertedContactId could be blank if the record is deleted or merged. You should manually fix it first.