Salesforce Tips: Monitoring Bulk Load Jobs

I talked about the goodies Salesforce Bulk API quite some time ago. I can’t deny that the Bulk API is really useful especially for data migration or integration that involves thousands of records. But, as a Salesforce administrator, it is very important for me to know what data has been retrieved or updated via Salesforce web service. Lucky that Salesforce do provide a console that allows me to monitor the Bulk API job that has been submitted to Salesforce instance. It can be accessed via Setup -> Administration Setup -> Monitoring -> Bulk Data Load Jobs.


 Figure 1. Bulk Load monitoring console
From the console, I can see:
  1. the user who made the request
  2. object that involved in the request
  3. total records of the request
  4. type of operation of the request (e.g, query, create, update, upsert or delete)
Besides, it also allows me to view the Bulk API call request and result in the Job Details screen show below.
Figure 2. Job Detail
Hopefully, this information is helpful for all Salesforce administrator (just like me 😀 ) that needs to monitor the activities happen in Salesforce.