Salesforce & MYOB EXO Integration

Looking to integrate Salesforce and MYOB EXO?  We recently had to do this, so I thought I’d share the experience.


MYOB EXO is a different product to the accounting packages that we have integrated with many times, so it required a different approach than the ODBC layer we worked with for the accounting versions.  MYOB EXO stores the data in a SQL Server database, so by having a database user with the privileges to access the EXO database, we were able to perform any operation on the data stored (query, create. modify and etc.).


Our use case for this integration was:

  1. Salesforce Opportunities at stage = Closed Won create a MYOB EXO Business Order/Invoice
  2. A supporting integration process was a Product sync taking MYOB EXO Business Stock and creating/updating Salesforce Products, making EXO the master for Products.


Check out our We Did for some additional details.