Salesforce Password Expiry: API Users

By default, Salesforce will expire your password every 90 days. This feature is useful but it will affect the Integration API Users. The integration process will fail every 90 days when the password is expired. It is troublesome to maintain this password policy every 90 days.

Instead of changing the password policy for the whole organisation, you can consider the following option:


Option #1: Profile

In standard profiles (i.e. System Administrator), you can’t just enable the “Password Never Expires” option.

To do this, you can:

  1. Clone the profile
  2. Set the ‘Password Never Expires’ option
  3. Assign this profile to API users

Option #2: Permission Set

Another option to assign ‘Password Never Expires’ to specific users is to utilize the Permission Sets.

You can:

  1. Create a new permission set
  2. Go to the System Permission section
  3. Edit and check the ‘Password Never Expires’ option
  4. To assign to specific user, go to the user’s page
  5. Under the ‘Permission Set Assignments’ related list, assign the newly created permission set to the API users