WeDid: Salesforce provides a Single Pane of Glass for the Education Industry

We are seeing the number of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) moving to Salesforce has grown significantly. The ever-growing growth of nature of the RTO business impacts 3 major parts of their organizations’ – Marketing teams, Sales teams, and Student Administration.

These growth pains can easily be addressed by having all the key records residing in Salesforce, this provides a single source of the truth from Marketing through to Student admin.

WDCi has been working to develop a product called Luana which is built natively on the Salesforce standard data model to handle processes mostly used by the RTOs.


RTOs can now stay in one single instance and cover most of their daily process such as:

  • Lead Management e.g. follow-up on course preference
  • Qualification Process e.g. converting leads into students
  • Sales Management e.g. follow through the sales cycle till enrolment
  • Student Management e.g. enrolments and census date processes
  • Reporting e.g. sales metrics, enrolment metrics


The tailored model has helped RTO in identifying:

  • What sources brought in the most Leads?
  • What Courses contributed the most revenue?
  • What are the revenues like for each Quarter?
  • What is the projected revenue based on census dates not passed?