Salesforce: Real-time Integration Using Outbound Message

Everyone loves Salesforce real-time integration. Do you? Real-time integration can be used in different use case. For example: When a account is created/updated, it will be sychronised to Netsuite automatically.


There are various options to achieve this. One of them is using Outbound Message (only available in Salesforce Enterprise or above). The following diagram from Salesforce will be good start to understand the overview of this solution:

To setup this real-time integration, you can make use of the Boomi SOA framework. Below are the steps involved if we want to build real-time integration between Salesforce Account and Netsuite Customer:


Step #1: Build the integration process and setup Web Service Listener

Build a process using Web Service Listener. The Web Service Listener should expect to receive a Salesforce Account XML and decide if the Netsuite Customer should be created or updated.



Step #2: Configure Boomi Atom

Once you deploy this process into a Boomi Atom, please make sure that the firewall is properly configured to receive inbound connection.



Step #3: Configure Salesforce

  1. Add a Workflow in the Account object.
  2. Add a Workflow Action: Outbound Message by giving the end point of your Web Service Listener and all the fields required
  3. Active the workflow



Step #4: Testing

Once you have completed the above configuration, you can test it by:

  1. Create a new Account in Salesforce and save it.
  2. Salesforce Workflow will be triggered and send an Account XML document to your Web Service
  3. Once the Boomi Atom received the document, it should trigger the integration process. Create/update customer in Netsuite and update the external ID back to Salesforce