Salesforce Real Time Integration with Boomi: Prerequisite

If you are interested to set this up, check out the list below:

  • License. SOA framework is required. It’s included in Boomi Enterprise license and can be added as an add-on in a Professional license.
  • Atom installation. The Boomi Atom is installed in a machine that has an internet connection.
  • Windows security setup. If you are using Windows, make sure that the Atom executable is not blocked and the port is open. For example 9090.
  • Network setup. Configure your router/firewall to redirect the package to the server that hosts the Atom.
  • Configure the Shared Web Server Setting in AtomSphere to get your Atom ready for port 9090.
  • Has basic knowledge in Salesforce to set up the Outbound Message workflow.


Once you have built the process in Boomi, you are all set to go!