Salesforce Report Scheduler


When a customer requests to receive a report daily or weekly without having to login to Salesforce.

Salesforce user can schedule reports to be automatically sent as a html email on preferred time. [More info here]


Setting up schedule report

schedule report

Red Box: Button will only show if the report is already in the scheduled list.

Green Box: Send report to the recipient.

Purple Box: Schedule date and time.

Scheduling Time

There is only 3 options available and this CAN NOT be changed. Salesforce advises to schedule report off-peak hours of local time. [Source here]

analytic report

To monitor all scheduled reports, go to Setup | Monitoring | Scheduled Jobs.


Emailed Report

When it is time, Salesforce will send the report to recipient’s email. This is how it looks like:

report schedule2



Bare in mind that:
– Reports with types of Joined CAN NOT be scheduled.
– Report charts are not included in email (Solution is to create chart as dashboard and schedule dashboard refresh)
– Reports with table more than 22″ wide or more than 63 columns might not be able to display properly in Outlook 2007.
– Emailed reports have a maximum size of 10MB.

For more information, click here.