Salesforce Tips: Sandbox Storage

There are 2 types storage in Salesforce.

  • Data storage : Record data in System and Custom object
  • File storage: Attachment data


Each edition has its own storage limit stated here. Sandbox storage is somehow different from the normal edition. There are 3 different types of Sandbox in Salesforce:
Type Data Storage Limit  File Storage Limit  Free
Full Same as production org Same as production org 1 included in Unlimited
Configuration Only 500MB 500MB 5 included in Unlimited
Developer 10MB 10MB 15 included in Unlimited
1 included in Enterprise
For Apex development, Developer Sandbox should be sufficient. If you are testing integration with larger data set, you may consider getting a Configuration Only sandbox. Unless you need to replicate a full set of data from production org, you should not need the Full sandbox.