Salesforce Security PE vs EE

Do I need to purchase Salesforce Professional Edition (PE) or Salesforce Enterprise Edition (EE)? Which edition is sufficient for the security model we are expecting?
Feature PE EE Use Case
Role permissions (Role hierarchy) Yes Yes The manager must be able to see records for everyone who is working under him. The user can’t see their peer’s data.
Profiles & Page Layouts $ Yes I would like Sales team to access to this custom object. I would like to restrict the Marketing team to delete this custom object.
Record types Yes I would like to capture different set of fields for Corporate Leads and different set of fields for Individual Leads.
Account and contact sharing rules Yes Yes The Account and Contact should respect the Role hierarchy. Under certain circumstances, I would like to share certain record to certain people
Account territory, case, lead, opportunity, and custom object Yes I have different business unit in my company. Regardless of the owner, I would like Tim to see all Opps belonging to his business unit.
 Permission Sets $ Yes Generally, everyone’s password should expire every 3 months. However, for certain API users, I would like them to be the exception.
Field Level Security $ Yes This field should be read-only for normal users. Only Adminstrator or Manager can change the value of this field.