Coming Soon…Exciting New Salesforce Service Cloud Features

There’s a lot of exciting changes coming in the Spring ’18 Release of SF Service Cloud.  If you’re using Service Cloud, make sure you take some time to familiarise yourself with the new features coming soon, such as:

  • Knowledge article can be embedded into a Case email (a feature available in Classic that’s now available in LEX)
  • Mass Quick Actions from List Views (for example: Change Case Status on multiple records)
  • Case Path (similar to the Sales Path on Opportunities, to track the life of the Case record)
  • Quick Text (another feature from Classic that’s being made available in LEX) can now be included in Macros to save you time and effort
  • Pinned Regions in Console via Lightning App Builder to allow you to highlight specific sections 


Plus some of the updates for Field Service:

  • Specific profile-based field settings for Mobile
  • Translation Workbench to translate offline flows
  • Flows can be used in Quick Actions and can be specific to Record Type


Want more information? Check out these Release Notes for more information.


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