Salesforce: Sharing Salesforce CRM Content with Partner Users

If you are contemplating sharing Content to your partner users in your Salesforce orgranisation, the following checklist will provide a head start for the setup.


1. Will the partner users upload/download content?

Upload – Salesforce CRM Content User license will be required. If more license need to be provisioned, you may contact your SF account manager.
Download – Do not need to assign Salesforce CRM Content license. They will be able to download content when it’s shared to them.


2. Do you have a list of content categories that needs to be shared to partner users?

With the list, you can configure the libraries and determine the members based on the partner users. For e.g. only certain libraries can be accessed by a partner account.


3. Do you require a refine search for the contents?

Use tagging to allow your partner users to refine their search.


The above list should get you started with setting up content sharing. If you have requirements that are specific to your business, then you can add in to the above list.