Salesforce: Shortcut to populate picklist value

Imagine that you need to import some data into a picklist field name ‘Relationship’ and you will need to create this field beforehand. There are about 100 picklist values available for this field. For example:


  • Picklist value 1
  • Picklist value 2
  • ….
  • ….
  • Picklist value 100


Question: What are the options that can help speed up the creation of this picklist field?


Manual way:

1) Use excel to remove duplicated picklist values and list out only the unique ones.

2) Use unique values to create picklist.

Manual way above should work pretty well. However, there is also an alternative workaround.



1) Create a text field called ‘Relationship’ in SF.

2) Migrate all the data as usual (Note: map the data to the ‘ Relationship__c’ custom text field in SF).

3) Once migration is completed, change the ‘Relationship__c’ field type from Text to Picklist.

During the change in step 3, Salesforce will automatically list out all the values from the migrated records. It is also smart enough to differentiate duplicated values.



  • Save time populating values manually
  • Prevent human error.
  • Duplicated ‘Picklist value 1’ will be listed only once.



  • Value: ‘Picklist value 1’ and ‘Picklist value1’ is treated as different value.