Salesforce: Skyvva IChained Interfaces


Imagine if you have a spreadsheet that contains Account & Contact data. You would like to use Skyvva to run an insert for both Account and Contact.



The basic Skyvva setup will require you to create 1x job to insert Account and another 1x job to insert Contact. Therefore, everytime when you wish to run the job, you will have to first run the insert Account job then only run the insert Contact job. It is a hassle to go through two steps just to get things done.

How can we setup Skyvva to run the Account insert job and automatically triggers the Contact insert job in one go?



IChained Interface feature in Skyvva

Once you have created both Account & Contact Insert job, create 1x IChained Interfaces under Account Insert Integration job. Example:


IChained Interface



Note: Building IChained Interface does not mean that Skyvva will automatically park the right child under the right parent. You will still need a method / formula in your child job to specify which parent that the child belongs to.