Salesforce Standard Quote with Dynamic Values

Use case:

Sales representatives in Company C create different quotes with different terms and conditions, payment details, etc everyday.

In the quote templates, there is a section allocated for terms and conditions, payment details, other quote related information. Sales representatives do not want to manually fill up this section all the time. The best workaround to counter this is to have selection method where these sales representatives can just select what to display and certain information is populated into the sections based on their selection (This is where the dynamic values are displayed depending on the variation of quotes or products).

For an instance, user can select what sort of clause to be included subjecting to different quotes/ products.

 Quote  Clause 1  Clause 2  Clause 3
 Quote 001  Include
 Quote 002  Include
 Quote 003  Include
 Quote 004 Include

Table 1


In Salesforce Quote object:

  1. Create check-boxes.
  2. Create a formula field referring to the checkboxes created.
  3. With the right formula written, different values will be displayed depending on the different checkboxes that you have checked (Table 2).
  4. Display this formula field in Salesforce standard quote.
 Checkbox  Formula FIeld
 30-days  “You must pay………..within 30 days.”
 60-days  “You must pay………..within 60 days.”
 90-days  “You must pay………..within 90 days.”

Table 2

For more information on the technical specs, check out our newly published case here.