TIP OF THE WEEK: Studying for Salesforce Exams

I have recently taken and passed the App Builder Certification, and wanted to share some of my experiences and some tips to help you achieve success.

As part of the WDCi group, most of our developers recommended that I start with App builder certification, as it gives a good basic knowledge of Salesforce and a solid foundation for your future learning and growth as a developer.  As an added bonus, it’s a Certification which will help your company and yourself, be recognised by the Salesforce community worldwide.

Where to begin?

A comprehensive study guide can be downloaded from here . It will give you guidance on how to start preparing for the exam.

What did I do to Prepare?

Firstly having a supportive manager and senior technical consultants available who are understanding of your training needs is a real bonus.

While looking through the study guide, it was outlined the topics I needed to be prepared for. My personal methodology for preparing was to look at the weightings and decide my plan of attack for the topics that I knew I needed to study harder for.

Below is an example of the current format of App builder exam and the areas of most weighting

  • Do’s and Don’ts / Tips and Tricks
    • Do use trailhead to prepare and provide background information.
    • Do use Salesforce Documentation to deepen your understanding of key concepts.
    • Do use practice tests from a reliable source.
    • Do use the “reviewing” option during the exam with difficult questions. I found this method made it easier to zip through easy questions and use any extra time at the end of the exam for the harder questions.
    • Do allow yourself every opportunity to pass – Study hard and remain calm.
    • Don’t attempt the exam without study – Allow up to 4-8 weeks of preparation before sitting an exam.
    • Don’t rush – Remember to stay calm and carefully read through each and every question.

Wishing you all, best of luck with your exam.