Salesforce Tips: Applying Dynamic Content in Quote Template – Part 2

In our previous blog, we talked about how you can utilise custom fields (i.e. Text field) to enable you to include dynamic content in your quote when developing Quote Template.


To be even more dynamic based on the Quote’s information, you may want to utilise the merge field instead. For example:-


Dear Johnny Walker,

It was great meeting you. Please see the following for the pricing details.


Where “Johnny Walker” is the quote’s contact person. Instead of having a custom text field where the quote creator needs to manually type the name, we can utilise a formula field instead to construct the content where we can then include the merge fields through the formula.


In the example above, we can have a formula field that displays the greeting portion and a separate custom text field to allow a user to construct the quote introductory content. These fields can then be included in the quote template too!