Salesforce Tips: Applying Dynamic Content in Quote Template

In Salesforce Quote Template, we are allowed to use the “Text/Image Field” available to define static text and include images in a Quote content.

Say if you are required to include an introductory text in your Quote, i.e.


Dear Johnny Walker,

It was great meeting you. Please see the following for the pricing details.


One way to include this in the Quote is by utilizing the “Text/Image Field”. However, as it only allows static content, the admin may need to change the quote template’s “Text/Image Field” content every time before a new Quote is generated as different quote may include different introductory content for example.


An option to workaround this is to create a Text (Or Long Text Area) Custom Field in the Quote Object and make this field available during the Quote creation/edit. This field allows the user to define their own introductory content dynamically and to have it included in the Quote as well by customizing the Quote Template.