Salesforce Tips: Implementing “My Domain”

Salesforce has mentioned that “subdomain makes your org more secure”. But why do you need to set it up? Because it is required to use the following in Salesforce:

  • Lightning Components – Lightning component tabs, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Pages or Standalone apps.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with external identity providers.
  • Social sign-on with authentication providers e.g. Google and Facebook.


For more information, read this article.


To implement “My Domain” is very straightforward. Although, there are some underlying points to consider before implementing. Image references, hard-coded links, etc can all be affected during implementation.


Example: If you have images set in your Polar Gauges (in your Analytics Dashboards), they will be broken. This is because the original image URLs (e.g.“ in your Dataset are no longer valid. They will need to be updated to reflect the new URLs, that include the subdomain e.g. https://sample-dev-ed–


Glance through the guidelines and best practices for implementing “My Domain” here.