Salesforce Tips: Security and Sharing for Community

Are you using Salesforce community to collaborate with your customers? Take note of the following to ensure that your community is secured and your data privacy between customers is protected:

  1. Make sure the related profile does not have “Modify All” and “View All” object permission (the most restricted object access)
  2. Make sure users only have necessary permission (READ, EDIT and DELETE) on objects they need to access
  3. Make sure Field Level Security is set correctly
  4. Make sure the object page layout is configured properly and assigned to a community user’s profile. You don’t want to expose any sensitive information to students when they view a record
  5. Always set organization-wide sharing for the external sharing model to private (the most restricted sharing model)
  6. Wisley share the record to the community using sharing rules/sharing set


Besides, if you are using data loader and workbench for data migration and deployment, Salesforce will install the following connected apps in your instance:

  • Workbench
  • Dataloader Bulk
  • Dataloader Partner


Please always ensure that the “Permitted Users” in the connected apps is set to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”. This option allows admin to grant a certain profiles to use the connected apps. We don’t want the community users to access to Salesforce metadata/data using the tools above 🙂