Salesforce Tips: Setting Email Recipient for Flow and Process Error

Processes and Flows are great features in Salesforce. They help in solving the majority of automation requirements. However, most errors we encounter are sometimes unavoidable. When a Process/Flow fails to execute accordingly, a detailed error email is sent to the user who last modified the Process/Flow (this is the default behaviour).


In some situations, the User who receives this error email may not be the right person to look and act on the error. For example, a System Integrator.
Once development is completed for a client, the developer login (Only if you are provided with one) will be disabled on the project handover. If an error occurs, the Admin of the Salesforce Instance should receive an email instead of the System Integrator.
Setting Email Recipient for Flow/Process Error

You can set the recipient by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, type in “Automation”.
  3. Select Process Automation Settings.
  4. In the Send Process or Flow Error Email to, change the value from “User Who Last Modified the Process or Flow” to “Apex Exception Email Recipients“.
    NOTE – please check if the User(s) or email address(es) in the Apex Exception Email is/are set up correctly first.
  5. Save the changes.