Salesforce Tips: Skipping Approval Process

Most organisations have an approval process which can be moved to Salesforce. When setting up the approval process, note that the setup can get tricky if you have to closely match an approval process to a manual process.

Our example below will be based on a scenario of an individual who plays numerous roles within an organisation. For example, Person A is the Manager of Team A and also the Director of the organisation.



The sales approval process requires all proposals to be approved by the Manager and then the Director. But what happens when the manager and director are the same person?

In Salesforce the standard approval process doesn’t have the ability to skip a double approval step. The proposal would be submitted to Person A for approval as Manager, then submitted to Person A again as Director.

In reality, however, Person A would just sign the proposal once.


Skipping Double Approval 

I’m sure you are wondering if there is a way to work around the double approval process in Salesforce? Good thing there is!

  1. Introduce a text field to the record. This field will be used to store the most recent Approver’s User ID.
  2. Introduce an Approval Action for the Approval Step (The Manager Approval Step from the example above). This action will update the custom field mentioned above with the User’s ID on approval of the Approval step. 
  3. For the Director’s Approval Step, add criteria that will only accept records where the value of the custom field is NOT equals to the User ID of Person A.


By doing this, it indicates that if the record is approved by Person A from the previous Approval step, it will skip “the next” Approval step (If the next approver is also Person A).

Note: There will be limitations to this approach.


Give it a try!