Salesforce: Tracking Bounced Emails

Imagine that you will need to use Salesforce to send mass mail out very often to all your Contacts / Leads. In each mass mail out, there could be more than 100 recipients. However, there is a situation where 1 or 2 of the emails are bounced back.


How can the customer see all the bounced back emails in a report view?

Run a report using the ‘Email Bounced Reason’, ‘Email Bounced Date’, and ‘Is Bounced field’ field in Contact / Lead. To save time, you can find a ready made report name – Bounced Contacts under your Contact / Leads tab.


How to set up Salesforce bounced emails?

You can find the bounced email setting from – Username | Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability | Bounced Administration.


What happens when an email is bounced back?

Depends on the setting set in the deliverability, when an email is bounced back, the Salesforce user/sender will receive an email notification. In the related Contact / Lead record, there should be an alert link next to the email address which looks as below:

Confirm Email Address



How to fix bounced email?

You will either have to fix the email address OR click on the ‘Confirm Email Address’ before you can resend an email to the Contact / Lead.


Note: User will not be able to send an email to the bounced email Contact / Lead unless the user has clicked on the ‘Confirm Email Address’ to resolve the issue.