WeDid: Salesforce For Automated Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) Calculations


The lighting company has affiliation with IPART as they need to refer and conform to the required standards. IPART has a specific formula for the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) to calculate Energy Savings Certificates (ESC). Hence, the lighting company needs to capture the baseline lighting system (current) and compare it with the upgraded lighting system (proposed). The current calculation is done using excel and it poses the following challenges:

  1. the calculation is not accurate because not all scenarios are considered
  2. not extensible
  3. difficult to track the itemised calculations



A new data model design is created to identify the stages of information capturing. Once these stages are identified, subsequent implementations are put into place according to the stages:

  1. Capture current and new lighting system in Salesforce
  2. Calculate saved MWH and ESC
  3. Calculate the estimated ESC money value and prepare a ROI report to end customer in quote
  4. Allow report generation based on the different stages
  5. Extend the data model design to cater for internal/IPART changes (e.g. formula, additional lighting products)


Related Objects Opportunity, Quote, Custom Object
Components Apex Class, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Page, Data Model Design
Complexity Complex