WeDid: Salesforce CRM and Student Management System Integration (JobReady)


Operating RTOs would ideally love to have a tool to equip their existing student management and at the same time allow them to work around the compliance and claiming side of the business. However, for companies who choose to have separate applications for the reason of fully utilising the capability of each application (CRM, SMS), may have a discrepancy of data which is not scalable between the two applications.

Some of the more obvious discrepancy are:

1. Student record is tracked within CRM
2. Course detail is tracked within CRM
3. Student enrolment is tracked within CRM
4. Delivery is tracked within SMS
5. Student attendance is tracked within SMS
6. Compliance data for reporting is gathered in SMS




Purpose To synchronise account, student contact, enrolment, course, course delivery, attendance between Salesforce CRM and Student Management System (JobReady)
Applications Salesforce
Versions Salesforce
Tool Boomi
Information Salesforce Account > JobReady Party (Employer)
Salesforce Student Contact > JobReady Party (Person)
Salesforce Course > JobReady Course
Salesforce Session > JobReady Session
Salesforce Student Enrolment > JobReady Enrolment
JobReady Attendance > Salesforce Student Attendance
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process When the enrolment is created or updated in Salesforce, the associated student contact and account and the selected course sessions will be created in JobReady.
When the course is created or updated in Salesforce, it will be synchronised into JobReady as course.
When the attendance is updated in JobReady, it will update the Salesforce student attendance.
Schedule Daily
Complexity High