Simplifying Re-Enrollments with RIO Education for Salesforce SIS

Re-enrollment is not something unusual for education institutions. While the word “Re-enrollment” is self-explanatory, there are a few reasons why re-enrollment is in place. These include:

  • Student Program/Course that will continue next year
  • Students applying for a transition to another Program/Course
  • Students that did not meet the academic requirements and would like to re-try etc


The re-enrollment process often requires students to re-enter their personal details (which have already been submitted with past enrollments). This can become quite a tedious process.


Did you know that this process can be simplified?

Using RIO Education for Salesforce SIS, a form can be set up with a series of logics that make your life easier. For example, with the right logic, you can utilise a single form to handle both enrollment and re-enrollment submissions. The difference that the students see from their point of view will be:

  • If the student is enrolling for the first time, they’ll have a blank enrollment form
  • If the student is re-enrolling, they will have a portion of the form filled up automatically. It will be pre-populated with details that were previously entered into the SIS. Students can then review and update any information when required. Meaning that students can skip re-filling out information and focus on other enrollment-related details.




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