SmartTurn Integration for Sales Orders


We were first introduced to SmartTurn during our recent work with integrating to eBay – SmartTurn. SmartTurn is considered one of the ‘friendly’ applications to use due to its usability and the fact it’s easy to integrate with. The simple integration interface has enabled us to deliver a few more SmartTurn integration projects for our customers over the last couple of days.


The core of the process is illustrated in the diagram above. All sales orders are saved in a CSV file which is distributed through email. Sales records are retrieved and a SmartTurn sales order is created. Throughout the process there will be email and notification alerts indicating:

  • items that do not exist in SmartTurn
  • errors in creating a Sales Order
  • a list of successfully created Sales Orders


Direct and automated! Interested and keen to get it implemented for your organisation too? Do contact us.


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