SmartTurn Integration: Order Fulfillment

SmartTurn is a very good warehouse management system. It has features which cover from item purchasing to item shipping, within these processes, item inventory/warehouse status will be automatically updated.


So how can integration help? Let’s talk about one of the features that we can perform in SmartTurn, Order Fulfillment. Here is one scenario:

1. I am managing a clothing wholesale business, a customer has ordered 200 items from my company. Within these 200 items, 100 will be shipped to location A, 50 will be shipped to location B, and the rest to location C.

2. If the customer is placing an order through my CRM or eCommerce system. The integration process can synchronise the Sales Order into SmartTurn specifying all the item details and customer’s shipping destinations.

3. SmartTurn will then check the inventory status, if the stock is insufficient, the shipment will be put ‘On Hold’.  If everything goes well, the inventory count will be deducted in SmartTurn. We can then synchronise the latest inventory count to our Accounting System.


Below is a simple diagram illustrating the above scenario:



We can integrate SmartTurn with any other CRM, ERP system or etc. which improve efficiency in order processing and fulfillment. As with the above scenario, updating the customer information and purchasing details, processing the transaction before confirming shipment status and other details.