SmartTurn Integration: Purchasing and Inventory Control

Not long ago, we have talked how can integration helps in the SmartTurn Order Fulfillment process.  This time around, let’s us talk about another process that SmartTurn can handle, Purchasing and Inventory Control.


We can integrate SmartTurn with an ERP system, let us take an example of integrating SmartTurn and Netsuite:


1. User can create a purchase order in Netsuite for purchasing items.


2. The purchase order will then be created in SmartTurn automatically.


3. Once the user received the goods, a receipt will be created in SmartTurn and the inventory status will also be updated.


4. This will then update the status of the purchase order and a receipt will be created in Netsuite automatically.


Below is a diagram illustrates the above scenario:


Besides integrating with ERP system, SmartTurn can also be integrated with accounting system, E-Commerce system and etc. You can save time and effort by automating the inventory status update between the systems, automate purchase order creation when inventory is running low.