Sound Property implements Salesforce customer community to provide My Portfolio service to clients

Sound Property


What a great opportunity it was to work with the team at Sound Property Group to deliver a new project, this time focused on their clients.

Sound Property Group is a property investment and education company specialising in sourcing strategic real estate opportunities, tailored to client’s individual needs. They pride themselves on attention to detail and they were definitely detailed when it came to their plans for Salesforce and how it would benefit their business.


The Challenge

Information sharing with Clients was all handled directly through phone calls, emails and meetings. This was working fine but really didn’t enable the clients to readily access information when they needed it.

The Clients needed visibility to the up-to-date information, eliminating the need for them to route queries to the team at Sound Property for more information.

They really needed a self-service solution.


The Solution

Following on from their successful roll out of Salesforce in 2015, it was time to add a new feature set, this time focused on the clients.

Sound Property Group chose to implement the Salesforce Customer Community functionality for their My Portfolio, providing an on-demand solution for clients to access information, anywhere, anytime.

In partnership with WDCi the Salesforce Customer Community functionality was designed and implemented. The Community supplies information to Clients and provides a complimentary communication channel through the use of the Questions feature and added ability to communicate with Chatter.


The Benefits

With Salesforce Customer Community, the clients can now self-serve, accessing:

  • Information available anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to store documents
  • Receive notifications from Sound Property
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Communicate with the team in Sound Property using Chatter

Andrew Cull, Sound Property Group MD, noted that “We started our Salesforce journey in 2015, after realising the benefits it brought to internally, we knew it would be the right solution for our Clients information requirements. We’re confident that the My Portfolio service will provide our Clients with up to date and timely information, allowing us to continue to provide outstanding service.