Streamlining Course Fee Management with Salesforce Approvals and your SIS

Any new fees typically need approval before they can be publicly applied to courses, units etc. Are you still practising internal manual fee approval submission? Why not take a look at how the Salesforce Approval Process feature can make this run smoothly.


RIO Education has a comprehensive Fee data model providing flexibility in fees setup. One of the standard features is the Fee Schedule. This standard model enables users to set upcoming fees and retain past fees without any impact to the current fees.


Are you in the midst of setting up a new set of fees and would like to get them internally approved before the new semester arrives? The Salesforce Approval Process and RIO Education Fee model would be a good fit.


How to do it?

1. First, set up an Approval Process on the Fee Schedule object – specify your criteria, approval steps, actions etc. For more information on how to setup Approval Process, please see here.


2. Ensure that the “Submit for Approval” action/button is made available in the Fee Schedule layout.


3. When you are ready, start creating Fee Schedule records and submit them for approvals!


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