Student Community “Groups” Making Students Lives Easier

Everyone knows that Students like to be connected. Whether it’s being able to contact Faculty Members, know if there are any sudden class changes or even being able to catch up with other students. Whatever the task – we’ve got the solution for you. RIO Education’s Student Community allows a connected campus with “My Groups”.


Brian is having a terrible day. Firstly, he’s going to be absent from class and needs to notify his teacher. How is he supposed to do that? Even worse is that he is going to be late for his study group after class. Good thing there is an easy solution just waiting for Brian.


All he needs to do is log in to his Student Community and go to “My Groups”.

There he can:

  • Notify Teachers if he’s going to be late or absent
  • Check his study group and add any comments


Note: Can also create groups for extra-curricular activities