Student Community – Making Your Students’ Lives Easier

We’ve been talking a lot about what RIO Education can do for you. Let’s switch it up a bit and talk about what RIO Education can do for your students. You can be dealing with thousands of students at any one time, so you’ll want to make sure you’re providing them with the best possible user experience. You know what they say – happy students are loyal students! (Well, that’s not quite what they say, but it’s close enough.)

RIO Education features a Student Community – essentially an all-in-one online portal, providing your students with the tools they need to manage and make the most of their enrollment. Designed to perform at its best on all kinds of computers, mobiles and tablets, your students can use the Student Community for all of the following:

my Profile:

  • Register necessary information about themselves (eg. name, date of birth, contact details)
  • Create and submit Program Applications
  • Attach any extra educational qualifications. These can help determine if the student has met certain course requirements without needing to chase them up individually.

my Programs:

  • Enroll in courses, and select session times (for lectures, workshops, etc.)
  • Handle course payment (including support for upfront payments, scholarships or government funding)
  • View results and current progress

my Sessions:

  • An easy to read, printer-friendly timetable of their upcoming sessions

Other useful features:

  • The ability to ask questions, either to other students or to the faculty themselves
  • Students can also search through previously asked questions to see if their question has already been answered
  • Receive important notifications sent from the university/faculty


As you can see, while RIO Education’s Student Community provides your students with a wide array of useful tools, perhaps its most important feature is having all of these tools in the same place. The amount of time you can save with this is massive! You should definitely make the most of the Student Community. Trust us – your students will thank you.


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