Studying Student Demographics in your Salesforce Student Information System

Student Information Systems (SIS) enables education providers the ability to keep track of their valuable data. This data might include student information and/or information involving their enrollments. Data can also be used for analytical purposes, including assisting users in understanding the following:

  • How student demographic characteristics correspond to their achievements and determining what factors are predictors of success/failure

  • How overseas student enrollments tell us about the education providers present in the international market. This will assist in future marketing initiatives


With Salesforce Einstein Analytics and the data residing within RIO Education, we can set up graphs which are interactive and dynamic. Based on the available demographic data, we can slice and dice, drill in and out easily to see segmented information quickly without the need to constantly changing the parameters.


Student Passing Rates

1. Average passing rate based on age groups.



2. Click on any of the age group in the above chart to see the breakdown below, e.g average passing rate broken down into gender and type of education.



Overseas Students

1. Oversea student enrollments based on 3 years.


2. Click on any of the years in the above chart to see the breakdown below,  enrollments are broken down into students’ country of origin.



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