Talend Tips: Trigger a Job using File Listener

In Talend, there are 3 useful listener components that we can use to implement an integration process that is being executed/triggered on-demand. The first listener component that we discuss here is tWaitForFile. This component allows you to listen on a file directory and execute an integration process whenever a file is dropped into the directory, updated or even deleted from the directory.


Figure 1: tWaitForFile configuration


In Figure 1, you can see that you can configure how frequent the file listener should run, which directory to scan, type of file to be processed as well as the action on a file (created, updated or deleted) in the component. Another highlight of this listener is that it will ignore the file that has been processed in the directory even though the file is not deleted. This is very handy as you don’t need to cater for the file deletion logic in the process and you can keep those file for future reference.


Hopefully, this information gives you a quick kick start on how to use the file listener.