TCSI changes to reporting Data Framework for Education Providers

Remind me – what is TCSI?

The Department of Education & Training and the Department of Human Services have teamed up to work towards a more effective reporting process for your Student data. This new reporting process is known as TCSI.


Check out our TCSI introduction blog to learn more!


What’s changing with the Data Framework?

There are plans to modify the reporting data framework to streamline the data collection sources and make the reporting process more efficient.

Some of the key data element changes being reviewed include:

  • Adoption of a Unique Student Identifier – This will assist with avoiding duplicate students in submissions, and centralising student records across different agencies and education providers
  • Removing of Duplicate elements – This will streamline the data collection by removing elements that are no longer contributing to the statistics, and/or where data is duplicated across multiple files
  • Addition of New and Replacement Elements – These will enable more efficient data collection and analysis. This could assist with linking other Australian Government systems


When do I need to make these changes?

The TCSI project is committed to a continuous improvement approach.  Some of these changes are not due to come into effect until 2020, so watch this space!  


Where can I find the details on these data framework changes?

If you want to find out more about the data framework, refer to the latest documentation versions available in TCSI Support Documents.  These are being updated throughout the project.

Don’t forget that we are actively involved in this project. We have been participating in HEIMS testing and development activities to ensure that our SMS, RIO Education, will be all set to go!