TCSI Round 1 Testing Results

Results from TCSI Testing (Round 1) 

As shared in last months TCSI Update we’ve been part of the Round 1 Testing for the TCSI project. We’ve been using TCSI to connect our RIO Education solution (SMS) with the B2G API Integration.


What was the outcome?

During this round of testing, we were able to:

  • Confirm our PRODA authentication was set up and working within the testing environment, and
  • Test all the web service methods (Get, Create, Update and Delete)


The TCSI team reported some of their results today in the testing debrief webinar:

  • 326,352 API Calls
  • 47 Issues Investigated
  • 8 Defects found for correction


What happens now?

The TCSI team have taken on board the feedback we’ve provided them during the testing period. Some of the feedback includes improving how to handle the next round of testing.


We’re excited to find out if we’ll be part of the next round of testing. This round will introduce Student data to the reporting framework, so watch this space for upcoming updates!

If you need any more additional information, please refer to the HEIMS TCSI page