TCSI Testing Round 1 Update

What’s TCSI Testing?

As you know, we are participating in Round 1 TCSI Testing. We are looking to connect our RIO Education Student Management System (SMS) with the B2G API Integration.

Testing Round 1 Update

Firstly, a few of the testing groups, including WDCi, have either been unable to connect via API Integration or have encountered errors. This is causing testing groups the lack of ability to complete testing. As such, the TCSI team have been looking to extend the testing window to January 2019, to assist everyone wishing to complete testing.
The TCSI project team have been working hard at assisting all the testing groups. The recent feedback from these sessions will go to future-proofing the solution when it goes live in late 2019.

The next steps

Whilst we await TCSI API Integration to resolve these issues, we’ll be continuing to develop RIO Education SMS. These developments will include updating the Data Framework to reflect any new changes.

If you need any more additional information, here are some helpful links: