TCSI Update for VSL Providers

Continuing with the TCSI Project, the team has started addressing VSL and HE requirements separately. They’ve acknowledged the importance of addressing the different sectors’ needs from feedback provided.


If you aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, check out our TCSI Blogs to learn more!  WDCi have been actively participating in the TCSI project. Ensuring RIO Education is compatible with the upcoming TCSI reporting requirements.


What does this mean for you?

VSL Providers need to ensure their SMS (Student Management System) is capable of reporting data. This is done using the new TCSI Portal or via the B2G API Integration. This will be effective for all 2020 records, so make sure you’re ready to make the change!


The latest VSL Provider webinar, held on 22 May 2019, was a great introduction to the TCSI Project in the VSL sector.  If you’re a VSL Provider and aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, why not view the recording here, and/or download the presentation slides here.


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RIO Education is here to help!

WDCi will continue to work with the TCSI team to test and update our SMS, RIO Education to ensure it will be TCSI-ready when the time comes.  You can read all about our progress through our TCSI Blogs.


If you’re interested in finding out more about RIO Education, contact us today!