Recently, we’ve had a number of customers requesting us to integrate JIRA 5 with their on-premise applications (Bugzilla, Microsoft Dynamics AX and some home grown apps) or cloud applications (Salesforce and RightNow).
This is not the first time we have delivered JIRA integrations.  For our previous JIRA integrations we used the Boomi Atomsphere JIRA 4 connector that we had written, that connector uses the SOAP API.
However, the exposure to JIRA 5 is a pleasant surprise for us as it is bundled with the latest, cleaner and simpler web service – JIRA REST API.
The new JIRA REST API ( made our life easier as now we have more flexibility in accessing or updating the data in JIRA remotely.  In addition the performance is far better than the deprecated SOAP API.
The REST API Browser (RAB – allows us to understand the REST operations available in JIRA better. We can  run the test using RAB against our customer development sandbox before deploying the integration into production. This helps to save the customer’s resources and reduce the risk when the integration goes live. If you want to know more about RAB, you can try it out by installing the Atlassian Plugin SDK (
Another useful tool that we used in our integration development is the JIRA REST Java Client ( Oh yes, you might find this helpful only if you are familiar or in LOVE with Java 😀