The Ultimate Faculty Community Experience

Having multiple systems can be a nightmare to everyone on campus. More importantly – it makes the daily life of a faculty member more stressful then it needs to be.

Faculty members are constantly on the go. Whether it’s between classes, marking attendance, inputting grades and answering daily student inquiries – there is always something grabbing their attention. Now imagine each of these tasks being run in different systems. It’s already sounding stressful to us. This is exactly why we created the only solution that you need – RIO Education for Salesforce.


RIO Education for Salesforce offers Faculty Community. What’s so great about Faculty Community? Well for starters everything that a Faculty member needs to complete in their day to day can be done in one system, on any device. These include:

  • My Profile – Faculty can view and update any details that they have permission for
  • My Groups – Faculty can collaborate with Students, make announcements, post information and respond to students
  • My Case – Need assistance? The faculty user can log a case for help
  • Check, accept or reject class schedules proposed to Faculty
  • My Program – Mark attendance and assign grades to students
  • In Attendance, faculty can see current, future and past sessions



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