The Window for TCSI Testing Round 2 is Open

The latest TCSI Testing has officially opened. Once again, we will be participating in testing until 29 March 2019. Why? To ensure RIO Education (SMS) is compatible with B2G API Integration.


If you aren’t familiar with the TCSI project, check out our TCSI Blogs to learn more!  WDCi have been actively participating in the TCSI project to ensure RIO Education is compatible with the upcoming TCSI reporting requirements.


What’s the focus of this testing?

In this round of testing, the focus is on:

  • HE and VET Student Data
  • VET Courses, Campuses, and Units of Study

We will have the chance to retest the HE Courses, Campuses and Units of Study from Round 1 Testing. These are the new fixes that were implemented after Round 1 testing.


And then…

When the testing period closes, the TCSI team will collect all reported issues. They will then incorporate these in the next development phase. Stay tuned for more updates – we’ll keep you updated on our testing journey.