TIM’s Tip: Estimating a Data Migration exercise

Maybe you are thinking, what’s so hard, I just dump the data out of system 1 and insert it into system 2, maybe, maybe not.

How long will it take to migrate your data from one or more systems to another system?


It really depends on a few factors:

  1. How easy is it to export data from the source system(s)?
  2. How easily can data be imported into the destination system(s)?
  3. The volume of data.
  4. The number of objects and fields involved.
  5. Do you need to transform the data before importing into the new system?  and if so, how complex is the transformation?
  6. Are their data dependencies, ie object 1 must be created before uploading object 2?
  7. Do you need a data cleansing exercise to remove/fix bad data and merge duplicates?
  8. If you need to clean the data, should it be loaded into an intermediary data store to make that process easier?


The quality of your data is a really important factor in how long the whole process will take.

If you have such a requirement, check out our migration planning guide or feel free to contact us.