TIM’s Tip: Integrate your Support System with your Issue Tracking System

Integration between systems is not only bringing data over from one system to another. It is an art to get two very different systems working seamlessly as one. In addition to having your data synchronized in both systems, you can also get a lot of business value from it.

Let’s take a Support System and an Issue Tracking System as an example. You may have a different combination of the following:

Whatever support system and issue tracking system you are using, you will get similar advantages if you integrate both systems together seamlessly:


#1 Use support volume to prioritize bug fix


Development teams can see the impact a bug has caused and prioritise accordingly. You can link one bug with many support cases together.


#2 Enhanced Communication between Support Engineer and Developer


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Support engineer and developer have a dedicated channel to chat. The content is hidden from the support system and the best thing is you don’t have to create 2 logins for everyone!


#3 Support Engineer to provide more details of the bug

When support engineer goes through the bug verification process, they can fill in useful information and that data will be synchronised over to issue tracking system. For example:

  • Environment: Operating system, browser, JVM version
  • Steps to reproduce
  • etc

All these can be automated by the integration process.

There are more benefits, but I can’t mention them all. If you are interested to find out how to do that, feel free to contact us.

Note: Special thanks to Daggy to share these wonderful ideas!