TIM’s Tip: Magento Integration

if your application is not listed in Magento connect or you need to build a custom integration process, here are some options that you may find helpful:


Magento API

You can access the majority of the modules using the Magento Core API. It supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols.  In addtion, you can also create your own API.


Magento Database (Mysql)

If you are connecting to Magento via the database, it’s important to study the relational diagram in advance and understand the dependencies. This approach will be vulnerable if the database schema changes during future upgrades, requiring you to update your integration as well.


Integration Platform

In addition to the approaches described above, you can also integrate to Magento using an integration platform such as Boomi Atmosphere. Boomi uses an XML format to interchange data between applications. This approach results in a robust and easily maintained integration.

Any form of use-case with Magento can be integrated. Here are some use-case scenarios that we have implemented to date:

  • Integrate Magento with GreatPlains (CRM/ERP)
  • Integrate Magento with SmartTurn (Inventory Management Software)
  • Integrate Magento with Netsuite (CRM/ERP)
  • Integrate Magento with Salesforce (CRM)

If you need any more details on how to integrate with Magento feel free to contact us.