TIM’s Tip: Netsuite Data Migration – Data Cleansing

We have recently completed a large Netsuite migration project. This migration exercise involved ~1,000,000 records. Some details on this engagement can be found here.

One of the most important factors for a successful data migration is ensuring the data is as clean as possible before inserting into the target system. Inserting the data into the target and cleaning later involves a lot of extra work.

Before migrating your Netsuite data, consider a clean-up of the following objects as they typically generate a lot of duplicate data:


Account Addresses

When you export the Customer records to CSV, you may get duplicate records due to the addresses and contacts. For example, if you have a customer with 4 addresses and 3 contacts, you will likely end up with 12 records in total.

Export your Account data first and see if you can merge or remove duplicate records before migrating this data.


Opportunity and Opportunity Product

This is also similar to the behavior above. If you have one opportunity with 5 opportunity line items. When you are exporting the opportunity to CSV, you may get 6 records in total. Each opportunity line item will appear as a record inside the CSV file.  This may not be valid to merge or remove, but it’s advisable to check the Opportunity records to determine if you can clean this up before a migration.

If your Netsuite environment contains a substantial number of Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, it’s worthwhile to merge and clean the data prior to importing into the target system.

Our migration planning guide may be of help if you are planning a data migration exercise.