TIP OF THE WEEK: Clone a Sandbox

Salesforce now offers the ability to clone an existing sandbox. When cloning a sandbox, the existing data and metadata that you have in the current sandbox will be copied to a new sandbox.

Below are scenarios where you may need to clone a Sandbox:

  • When you require the same data and configuration for a different environment e.g. development, testing and staging. Cloning will help save time as you will no longer need to configure and deploy new customisation and data in every new Sandbox.
  • Your colleagues can have their own sandbox with the same configuration instead of sharing the same one.
  • Speed up concurrent development. Sometimes, you have a development done in Sandbox A but it is not ready for production deployment yet. However, your colleagues would like to start a new development task. They can now clone your Sandbox A which contains the latest customisation and data instead of creating one from production. You then have the ability to merge the customisation in another sandbox before deploying to production.


Note: This is only in Beta phase and might affect different orgs depending on licences. 


How to Clone a Sandbox

Set up > Search Sandboxes in Quick Find > Select Sandboxes > Click Clone on selected sandbox


To learn more click here.