TIP OF THE WEEK: How to access Salesforce Secret Tabs

Salesforce Secret Tabs are something you may find interesting. These are not hidden features though and could be useful to easy navigation to list views in both Lightning experience and Salesforce Classic.


Let’s dive in


We have all seen a Salesforce url in the browser navigation box an example is below.



In the above example, URL 0064A00000tPToj we know is the object Id portion.

When you look at the first 3 characters in this ID (006 in above example),  Salesforce calls this the Record ID Prefix Decoder.

The Record ID Prefix Decoder allows you to navigate quickly to the Object’s recent list view when you try the URL <Org> + <Object Id Prefix> as below.

https://myorgdomain101.my.salesforce.com/001  (navigate to Salesforce Account list view)




Note: this works both in Salesforce classic and lightning experience. In lightning, make sure to enter the Salesforce Id just after the domain. For example https://mydomain.lightning.force.com/001 


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